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In an age of unlimited access to information and data, it is becoming increasingly more challenging to remove useless "noise" and not become overwhelmed with over saturation of data.  How do you truly understand what is important now?   

We have gone through the painstaking effort to sift through vast amounts of data to create a training and awareness program that transforms data into information. We have taken on the challenge of building relevant collateral for kindergarten students through high schoolers, teachers, and administrators. 

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Training and Awareness

Every day, faculty members face the difficult task of protecting their students from the dangers of the internet. Avertere provides a unique range of training and awareness services that can equip faculty members with the skills and resources needed to help effectively identify these issues.

We offer an array of interrelated formats that have been carefully designed to give educators the necessary support to better protect their students from online predators, malicious bad actors or peer to peer abuses.

Training and Awareness offerings include but are not limited to: 

Training and Awareness for Education Faculty | Avertere

Training and Awareness Offerings


Cyberbullying Workshops

Cyber Bullying can take many forms, with the impact on victims ranging from a mild annoyance to an escalated physical or mental event.

A component of cyber bullying that is often overlooked is the collateral and potentially permanent damage that can be caused by the posting of personal and private information online in an attempt to embarrass or humiliate the victim. In some cases where the bullying rises to the level of unlawful actions there may also be a negative impact on the bully. 

One of the first steps to stop cyber bullying is openly talking about it with students. Success involves having a clear and unified strategic approach to the subject matter whether the message comes from parents, educators or other adults in the community.

Cyberbullying Workshops | Avertere

While each workshop can be customized and tailored to the target audience based on current concerns, regions, demographics, etc., some common themes will be: 

  What is bullying?
  What are the schools policies related to bullying?
  What are the local and federal laws regarding bullying?
  How those rules and laws will be enforced within the student population?


Privacy Workshop

Privacy protocols are the linchpin that helps maintain a culture of safety and security across a school's entire environment. When privacy is attacked and compromised within a school's domain, all other forms of data within the network and personally identifiable information (PII) may be vulnerable.

Students privacy is uniquely protected in the US. There are three primary laws aimed at protecting students' rights to privacy:

  • Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
  • Children's Internet Protection Act. 

Bad actors do not usually adhere to any laws, so while these laws may provide some vehicle for prosecution in an apprehension scenario, in most cases the private information exfiltrated has already been placed on the dark-web.

Privacy Workshop | Avertere

Our workshop message articulates how an education environment breach can significantly impact people's personal lives. The captured PII may impact staff, parents, donors, and board members; the data may include social security documents, passports, W-2s, email logs, etc.

In addition to the personal impact a privacy breach may have once an adversary is in the network, they can often impact all operational facets of running and maintaining a school.

Our privacy workshops include the usual topics: phishing, social engineering, and brute force attacks. Where our message differentiates itself is in the people-first approach.



Cyber Citizen Mentorship

What is a good cyber citizen: A person who knows what is right and wrong, exhibits moral and ethical technology behavior, and makes good choices when using technology.

"A good rule of thumb is to treat people in the digital world the same way you would in the real world".

We present practicable concepts for maintaining safe and secure actions while online. Our mentorship program supports a framework approach that integrates the ideas of protecting yourself-protect others, educating yourself-educate others, respect yourself-respect others.


The democratization of advanced technology in our schools has an amazing upside IE: ChatGPT.

Tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are here to stay. However we must build into our practice and model some safeguards, so these new technologies are used responsibly.

This is where Cyber Citizenship as a concept shines. Technology will constantly change but good online decision-making is a practice that can grow with and embrace the advances of our digital world.

Mental Health Mindfulness

Behavioral health awareness has been happening at schools since the first wooden schoolhouse opened in 1702.

Teachers spend nearly as many hours (sometimes more) with students as their parents. They see and hear things on-site while educating students that may indicate a student is struggling with mental health and could use some help. 

In today's environment, kids spend much of their interaction time online, not just on-site. Avertere can provide insightful tools and tips to help administrators, teachers, and parents understand the entire picture of a child's mental health status.

Understanding and identifying if a student would benefit from special assistance and guidance may be the first step to improving their overall well-being.

Mental Health Mindfulness | Avertere

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Avertere provides a holistic approach to educational safety and security through our consultative services, innovative technology solutions, and School Security Operations Center (S-SOC) offering.

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