School Security Operations Center (S-SOC)

Cyber and Physical Security Protection for K-12 Institutions


Bridging the gap between physical and cyber security domains

By taking a pro-active approach to identifying cyber, behavioral, and physical risks and monitoring them in real time, Avertere offers an innovative solution designed to protect educational institutions from all angles.

Through this holistic approach, combining the latest technologies in physical controls and cyber security, we provide not just risk identification but also the means of mitigating whatever risks may be found. This forward-thinking strategy allows us to give educational institutions better protection for their faculty and students than ever before.

Converging Cyber and Physical operations

School Specific Security Operations Center

The convergence of Physical and Cyber Operations is key to achieving proactive threat resilience for faculty members and students across the education domain. With Avertere's S-SOC solution, risks can be identified quickly and mitigated in real-time.

S-SOC solutions include: 

School Specific Security Operations Center | Avertere

School Security Operations Center Solutions


Trusted Cyber Consulting Services

24/7/365 Digital Threat Detection and Response

At Avertere, we understand that educational institutions of today face a rapidly increasing risk of digital attacks. Our Cyber Security offering helps those institutions identify areas of risk within their environment.

Our comprehensive offering is designed to identify any areas of current risk, allowing institutions to properly address these concerns before they become significant problems. Through our Penetration Testing services along with our Safe and Secure Schools Architecture and Maturity Model, we give educational organizations the tools necessary to recognize and mitigate key network vulnerabilities.

Our 24/7/365 monitoring service provides clients with round-the-clock protection for their digital resources. By leveraging the Avertere Cyber Security service, educational institutions can find peace of mind knowing that their digital environment, data, and personally identifiable information (PII) is secure from potential breaches.

Cyber Security Consulting Services | Avertere
online & onsite violence, vandalism, & threats

Augmented Behavioral Threat Assessment

With cyber bullying and suicide on the rise within the K-12 environment, Avertere has developed an Augmented  Behavioral Threat Assessment Platform (BTaP) to help identify, assess, and manage individuals that may need some support. We work alongside school staff to help them correlate online behavior, that when combined with onsite behavioral insight can provide early warning indicators and non-punitive intervention.

Specially tailored programs for identifying both Cyber Bullying and Suicide Prevention can be created to meet the needs of schools, as well as providing vital advice and guidance. Access to these services can dramatically reduce incidents of online violence, and onsite threats within educational institutions. This enables a safe learning and teaching environment for students and staff plus provides peace of mind for parents.

Avertere’s BTaP is set to revolutionize K-12 safety measures; it is no longer necessary to wait until after tragedies have occurred before taking action. With this platform in place, we can work towards preventing incidents before they happen.

Behavioral Threat Assessment | Avertere
Cyber Bulling | Avertere
Cyber Bullying

Avertere can help develop a cyber bullying prevention program that offers victims options for safely reporting, identifying, and deterring potential cyber bullies.

Through our S-SOC we can mitigate a schools social media page take-overs and detect pages that may be used to spread cyber bullying messages and content. By deploying open-source and public domain intelligence techniques, regional sentiments can also be identified.  Should it be requested Avertere has a network of legal teams standing by that can assist in providing the tools needed if any situations require greater scrutiny.

With Avertere's multi-tiered program in place, schools can be sure they're doing all they can to protect students from the harmful consequences of cyberbullying.

Suicide Prevention | Avertere
Suicide Prevention

Avertere can provide valuable insight to suicide prevention programs by helping counselors and other health and wellness professionals identify human behaviors which may indicate depression and/or suicidal thoughts.

Within our proprietary S-SOC we can use open-source and public domain intelligence techniques to access early warning indicators for students at risk, allowing us to actively help  students who may be struggling with mental health issues.

Physical security controls

Be On the Lookout Operations

Be on the Lookout Operations (Bolo-Ops) is designed to detect potential human threats without compromising the privacy of staff and students.

Bolo-Ops requires cameras, doors, and other physical security or technical controls to be deployed within an Educational Institution to isolate an onsite threat and reduce the impact on lives. The School Security Operations Center (S-SOC) can leverage these controls to inform and alert the schools in real time, if applicable.

The program requires an assessment of the environment and the current physical security controls capabilities. If the existing hardware doesn’t have the software to meet the security objectives, we can deliver software to achieve resilience in automation, human verification and response.

Be On the Lookout Operations | Avertere
monitoring drug activity

Drug Detection and Trends Awareness

Avertere’s S-SOC platform can proactively monitor drug activity within a school's geographical region. Any details related to the sales of illegal drugs or related activities can be collected and reported to authorized faculty members and local law enforcement.

Upon a school drug-related incident on campus, the school can provide the S-SOC with information related to the incident to aid in proactively investigating and reducing drug-related threats within a school's jurisdiction.

The information collected provides an opportunity for schools to distribute information about these drug trends, educate and increase awareness within the local community and other educational institutions.

Drug Detection | Avertere

School Security Operations Center

Avertere interviewed hundreds of administrations, faculty members, and parents about the daily challenges schools face. We discovered a common theme: schools buy more technology, assuming that the data would reduce the work burden of finding risks and responding.

On the contrary, they have become overburdened with data from their solutions and risks become buried in the noise. Hence, Avertere has combined physical and digital cybersecurity disciplines into its School Security Operations Center services to meet the unique challenges in the K12 industry.

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