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Avertere offers extensive experience in providing tailored solutions to create a safe learning environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Our highly-trained professionals specialize in assessing potential risks and vulnerabilities, and formulating comprehensive strategies that are counteractive to any threat.

With our unsurpassed knowledge, resources, and network Avertere will support a secure setting while helping educational institutions maintain an atmosphere of openness and trust among students, faculty, and staff.


Safety and Security Services

Our comprehensive range of services provides unparalleled protection solutions tailored to each educational institution's security requirements. Avertere ensures the highest risk assessment and mitigation standards, security auditing and monitoring, penetration testing as a service, and solution implementation management. 

Safety and Security Service offerings include: 

Safety and Security Services | Avertere

Safety and Security Service Offerings

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Avertere's risk assessment starts with an overview of physical and digital risks at a regional and local level.

The risk assessment includes the community, district, property perimeter, parking lots, ball fields, buildings, classrooms, hallways and bathrooms, and all contained in those environments.

Once risks are identified a maturing framework can be created, discussed and budgeted before incremental or full scale mitigation steps are implemented.


Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Penetration Testing as a Service

Avertere provides many types of Penetration Testing services. In the discovery phase of a Penetration Testing service, we work closely with the asset stakeholders on articulating and identifying the most likely risks based on the school's cyber landscape.

Avertere's methodology allows the school to validate its risks across its cyber footprint. We can illustrate how an adversary may plan a breach attack, enabling the school to test the likelihood of the plan succeeding and the effectiveness of school security controls in protecting systems and people.

The Penetration Testing professionals are available to school stakeholders for questions and provide reports that prioritize risk with validating evidence. Periodic risk validation is crucial in learning how adversaries can gain an advantage over school systems.

We help you know what you don't know, which enables sound decision-making regarding "people-centric" school safety and security. 



Penetration Testing as a Service | Avertere

Solution Implementation Management

At Avertere we believe the key to effective solution implementation management is balancing risk versus budget versus timeline versus existing technologies to arrive at the best overall return on investment for your school today!

As a result of our solution agnostic, crawl, walk, run approach, Avertere takes a holistic look at your physical environment, digital environment, regional environment and everything in between, then balances that with a school's goals, existing legacy technologies and systems to provide a maturity model that integrates all of our offerings.

Once the model is agreed upon Avertere can manage the implementation, interoperability, testing, training and onboarding of ALL the selected solutions.

Avertere will manage the process on a timeline that matches your schools calendar and budget, with an emphasis on eliminating any disruptions to the productive learning environment.


Solution Implementation Management | Avertere

Security Monitoring and Auditing 

Our 24/7/365 School Security Operations Center (S-SOC) encompasses Cybersecurity professionals monitoring end-user devices and the school network for indicators of malicious activity, malware/ransomware, or compromise.

Avertere recognizes the need for humans to monitor physical control data like digital events, camera streams, and human threat data to support administrators, parents, and faculty in identifying risk and moving toward educational resiliency.

Security Monitoring & Auditing | Avertere

By investing in a School Security Operations Center, administrators, faculty, and parents are one step closer to gaining risk insights and reducing the burden of protecting personally identifiable data (PII), school systems, and people.

Auditing and oversight of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) is a structured way to align IT innovation goals with educational goals while managing risks and satisfying regulatory requirements.

All The Security Tools You Need To Succeed

Avertere provides a holistic approach to educational safety and security through our consultative services, innovative technology solutions, and School Security Operations Center (S-SOC) offering.

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